Beginner's Guide to 3D Product Animation Videos

Creative 3D product animation videos examples

What is a 3D Product animation video?‍

3D product animation videos represent a cutting-edge approach to presenting products to your target audience. Unlike conventional filming in the physical world, 3D product animation has no limits when it comes to imagining it in different scenes.

The outcome? Astoundingly realistic visuals that sometimes blur the boundary between reality and computer-generated imagery (CGI).

Rendering your audience speechless

If you're still pondering why companies are increasingly turning to 3D product animation, allow us to unveil the multitude of benefits this innovative medium offers.

Here is an Example of a 3D Product Animation Video for NEEMANS

Making a commercial video for a product or service is not an easy thing.

There are a lot of obstacles that you can face during the process. "Choosing the old-school way for a commercial might seem good, but it has its problems.

Bad framing or mistakes can force re-shooting, costing more time and money. So, what's a flexible alternative?

Enter 3D product animation!

But why should you pick it?

Let's explore the perks you'd enjoy with 3D product animation videos."

The benefits are countless!

How much 3d product animation cost?

It is challenging to determine a standard pricing, When it comes to 3d product animation videos & motion graphics there are lots of factors to be considered.

Factors Affecting the pricing of a 3D product animation video:

Creating a 3D Animation video considered a creative work but at the same time it is Highly technical due to the Involvement of Various techniques, dynamic simulations (i.e - Fluid, Smoke, Cloth, Fire, Soft & Rigid Bodies, etc.), expensive Softwares (i.e-Maxon Cinema 4D, Houdini, etc.), & Render Engines(i.e- RedShift , Vray, Corona, etc.).

The Total is affected by other factors that are often overlooked such as - Design Choice, Where is the creator is based, Assets Required to create the animation, turnaround time, complexity of animations and assets, Specific requirements, Resolution & Duration, etc.

Freelance 3D artists & 3D Animation Studios usually have a base price for a Basic 3D Project & they charge extra based on the project specific requirements to complete the job. A Small Studio may charge only $1500 per minute of animation, but prices can go on higher end as high as $30000 per second. there is a big difference justified by the level of quality. Most companies choose a middle ground when it comes to 3d product animation for various purposes like, Marketing, Education, Video Sales Letter & business presentation.

Benefits of 3D product animation video:

  1. It has the flexibility that the traditional way of filming lacks. Everything is digital in the world of 3D, so you can do whatever you want.
  2. And the options are huge.
  3. Making engaging visuals that are impossible to do using traditional ways.
  4. For example, you can use exploded views for the product.
  5. Exploded view shots allow are really engaging and satisfying to watch.
  6. It shows how the product is assembled together while each part goes into its place.The benefits are countless!
  7. Animation videos are unique. Let’s face it.
  8. Most people are afraid of trying new things and they are using the same thing they used to.Let’s say that you are selling a product and none of your competitors have used 3D animation before.
  9. Isn’t that a chance to excel and lead the market‍3D product animation videos are so clear and sell the idea faster than you think.
  10. How can you film your product from inside in traditional ways?
  11. It is almost impossible.
  12. But using 3D animation can make this way easier and this way you are adding value to the product. And adding value increases your conversion rate which means more revenue at the end.‍
  13. How much does a 3D product animation video cost?‍If you want a short answer, generally speaking, a 60 seconds 3D product animation video costs around $3000.
  14. it can be slightly higher or lower. but for a long answer, it depends. there is some 3D product animated video that costs much more than $3000, some of them reach $10,000.
  15. but you may ask why?‍
  16. this really depends on the complexity of the video itself. because some shots are really complex and may take a few months to be
  17. We collected some of the best animated videos produced recently. Our 3D animation studio produces similar videos.